Women less fulfilled reveals Axa survey

Some 24% fewer women than men feel fulfilled and 40% feel that their skills have been questioned simply because of their gender, according to a new study by Axa.

The findings are contained in the third edition of the insurer’s Mind Health Report, a study aimed at identifying mental health and wellness issues in society in order to build solutions to mitigate them. 

The study was conducted in collaboration with IPSOS involving surveys of 30,000 people aged 18 to 74 from sixteen European, Asian and American countries. 

Other major trends identified by the survey are that more than one in three 18-24 year olds believe that addiction to technology and social networking has a negative impact on well-being; while employees are three times more likely to thrive if they work in a company that offers mental health support.

Axa also said that over the past year, the rate of participants with poor mental health has decreased by 3 points (13% compared to 16%), despite the difficult geopolitical and economic context.

One in two respondents felt happy and confident about the future. The happiest people are in Mexico (64%), the Philippines (62%) and Thailand (61%). On the contrary, this feeling is lowest in Italy (36%), Hong Kong (38%) and Turkey (42%). In France, the feeling of happiness has increased by 5% compared to last year (44% against 39%).

Commenting on the findings, Antimo Perretta, CEO Europe and Latin America at Axa said: “ Thanks to the Mind Health Index, Axa can analyse the evolution of mental health and the well-being of populations in an environment where crises are accumulating.”

“Despite Covid-19, geopolitical tensions and inflation, the mental health of the people surveyed is gradually improving, particularly as a result of preventive measures taken by companies. Axa is fully fulfilling its role as a responsible company by supporting its employees and accompanying its business clients.”