Wishing all our readers Christmas greetings and a very Happy New Year

2022 has been another year for not only a range of emerging risks but some almost unthinkable risks.

Little did we envisage that the year would see the first major European land war in almost eighty years. The repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been worldwide and it has compounded the pressure on what was already a fragile global supply chain. The war has also prompted a European energy crisis, impacted the cost of living for hundreds of millions and has caused supply shortages which have seen the costs of claims leap.

While the geopolitical risk environment has been turned upside down, the natural environment continued to have its say. The heatwaves and wildfires which affected mainland Europe and the United Kingdom have forced insurers and reinsurers to rethink the continent’s risk profile.

For businesses across the world the economic crisis has continued, with the hopes that the emergence from three years of COVID and its resultant social and business restrictions would come with a brighter financial future having failed to materialise.

Factor in the ongoing threat from cyber criminals and the risks which come with a move to new ways to deliver a sustainable future, we at Emerging Risks have had no shortage of issues to cover.

We have been genuinely grateful for the support of our growing number of readers. With monthly impressions in excess of 160,000 we have become a go-to resource for our readers across the world to access insight into the current and future risk landscape.

2023 show no signs of being anything but another dynamic period for risk and here at Emerging Risks we are putting in place plans to enhance the coverage and capabilities we can deliver to you – our readers.

It is a case of watch this space for a series of major announcements in the year to come.

For now we send you our best wishes for Christmas and our hopes for a successfull and healthy New Year.