Vienna to limit e-scooter numbers

Vienna has unveiled plans to restrict the number of scooters in the city centre to a maximum of 500 following an uptick in accidents.

If introduced, the measure would be a severe restriction considering that currently there are around 1,500 scooters parked in Vienna’s inner city.

According to City Councillor for Mobility, Ulli Sima, because of the increasing traffic incidents, they also plan to subject scooters to stricter traffic rules, age restrictions and speed limits.

The new regulations are set to come into effect in May 2023.

One of the central aims of this policy push is to move e-scooter offers away from the city centre. As such, parking on sidewalks would be forbidden. Instead, the city will set up special parking zones.

Furthermore, authorities plan to limit e-scooter speed to 20 kilometres per hour instead of the current 25. Also, there would be an age limit – children under the age of 12 would not be able to rent them. 

E scooter-related injuries are becoming a major concern for European capitals. For example, almost 40% of injuries involving e-scooters across England, Scotland and Wales last year happened in London, according to new government figures.

The Met Police recorded 510 casualties in the capital during 2021, more than double the number in 2020.

Nine deaths were reported across England, Scotland and Wales last year.