Vaccination rollout will not trigger return to the office

The roll out of the multiple COVID-19 vaccines will not see a return to office working as employees will seek to retain the ability to work from.

As the UK and countries across the world return into lockdown as infection rates, global vaccine programmes are seen as the ability to being the virus under control. While the steps to manage the spread of the pandemic have shown that it is possible for many people to work from home, a survey of UK HR professionals found that remote working is here to stay, regardless of the vaccines’ effect.

HR software provider CIPHR’s survey of UK-based HR leaders, reported only 5% said they expected to go back to old ways of working, while 58% of respondents expect a large and permanent increase in remote working.

A further 1 in 3 (36%) said they expect a small increase in remote working, while 1% said they don’t expect to ever go back to the office.

Claire Williams, Director of People and Services at CIPHR, said: “The shift to remote working was a shock to many organisations, especially if they were relying on manual processes to manage their workforce.

“With most HR professionals expecting the increase in remote working to remain post-pandemic, organisations need to be equipped with integrated systems and processes that enable them to attract, engage and manage their people outside of the office.”

Ms Williams continued: “The majority of organisations have had to move quickly to more agile people management processes. HR teams have dealt with rapidly evolving legislative challenges, such as the furlough scheme, while keeping the rest of their people management processes fluid in the middle of a global pandemic. Going forward, efficient and flexible people management processes will be key to making the hybrid workplace a reality.”

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