Ukraine thwarts massive attempted cyber-attack

Ukraine has thwarted hackers working for Russian military intelligence, who had attempted a new cyber-attack targeting the country’s electricity grid and power supply.

The attack was planned to take place last Friday, 8 April, when the malware targeting an unidentified company would have shut down several high-voltage electrical substations in the country.

The attempt is understood to be the most serious cyber-attack so far launched against Ukraine since the Russian invasion began last month.

The malicious software used in the attack is similar to that used by Russian hackers who previous caused power cuts in Kyiv.

Researchers believe Russian military group Sandworm is responsible.

In a press conference, Viktor Zhora, deputy chairman of the State Service of Special Communications, said his team were alerted to a possible attack on energy grids at the beginning of the invasion of his country.

He said that despite a huge effort to secure the cyber-defences of energy organisations in the country, hackers had been able to compromise an unnamed private company responsible for supplying power to two million residents.

“The hackers planned the electrical outages for 8 April, to strike on Friday evening, before the weekend,” Mr Zhora said.

“It looks like we have been extremely lucky to respond to this in a timely manner.”

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