UK E-scooter Users Given Free Liability Cover

As the debate over the safety and use of e-scooters in the UK continues, Insurtech Zego has announced a partnership with one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers.

The partnership will see Zego provide insurance coverage for TIER’s soon to be deployed UK fleet of e-scooters. The move follows the Government’s decision to legalise rental e-scooters on UK roads as part of a 12-month trial.

Zego’s policy will cover all TIER scooters deployed in the UK and will be fully integrated into the rider sign-up process to ensure that users have the Government’s required third-party liability insurance. TIER will absorb the price of the insurance so that no extra cost is passed onto its riders.

TIER said the deal is an important step as the company looks to bring its e-scooter model to UK cities in a “safe and responsible way”. The company recently became the first operator to introduce a foldable helmet box, a feature that UK riders will be able to use.

As well as helping TIER to fulfil its insurance and safety requirements, Zego can also support with real-time data analysis, enabling TIER to better understand the behaviour of its riders. Zego will also ensure that its experience insuring TIER’s fleet during trials contributes to future policy decisions on the wide-scale adoption of e-scooters.

TIER is currently participating in tenders for trials in cities across the UK. The Berlin-based company, founded in 2018, has already established a global e-scooter market share of over 20% and operates in 70 cities across nine countries.

Fred Jones, TIER UK Manager, said: “E-scooters offer huge environmental and mobility benefits for UK cities but they need to be introduced in a way that makes everyone feel confident and safe, especially other road users.

“A big part of this will be ensuring that we and our riders are properly covered for accidents, by an insurer who truly understands our market and what we’re trying to achieve. With this in mind, Zego is a natural partner for TIER.”

Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego, said: “E-scooters can play a major role in making cities greener and less congested, but they need to be insured in the right way that gives everyone peace of mind. We’re very happy to be fulfilling this role.”

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