Temperature records tumble in Argentina

Extremes of temperatures at both ends of the scale have been recorded in Argentina this past week, breaking records.

Some towns and cities have posted temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104°F), with Nueve de Julio and Ezeiza breaking records for the month. Buenos Aires itself hit 38 degrees Celsius, breaking a record previously set in 1952

At the same time, a cold front from Patagonia caused temperatures in Buenos Aires to drop from a high of 38.1 degrees Celsius (100.6 degrees Fahrenheit) last Sunday to only 7.9 degrees Celsius (46.2F) on Thursday 2 March – a record low for the month of February since 1951, the National Meteorological Service reported.

The lowest ever was 4.2 degrees Celsius in 1910.

On Friday, snow also fell for the first time since records began in the low peaks of the Sierra de la Ventana mountains some 560 kilometres (350 miles) west of the capital Buenos Aires, with a minimum of minus four degrees Celsius recorded in the town of the same name.

Record February lows were also recorded elsewhere as a mass of cold air from the South Pole entered central Argentina after crossing the Andes from neighbouring Chile, according to meteorologists.