Record hydrogen plant planned for North of England

A new hydrogen power plant planned for Carrington, near Manchester in the UK, is expected to be ready by late 2024 at the earliest, it has been confirmed.

Trafford Green Hydrogen, a project run by Carlton Power, is seeking planning permission from Trafford and Salford councils to build what would be the largest hydrogen production unit in the UK.

The facility would use renewable energy to produce green hydrogen fuel for transport and heating. It is hoped that this will help the Government reach their target of being net zero by 2050.

This is a technology which uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and would see an annual production of hydrogen estimated at 1,000 tonnes.

Further development would see hydrogen storage facilities built and further jobs created.

The proposed development comprises the construction and operation of a 10MW hydrogen production facility at the Trafford Power Station site.

Further electrolyser units would be constructed as demand for hydrogen increases.

Eric Adams, project lead for Trafford Green Hydrogen, said: “There has been a material shift in opinion since we started looking at this 18 months ago.”

“A lot of people we have spoken to in terms of hydrogen initially said they have not looked at it because they didn’t know it was an option. This has changed with the development of this scheme which is enabling businesses in Greater Manchester to take concrete action towards meeting Net Zero targets.

“We can now say that we will be able to provide this from late 2024, early 2025 subject to the recently announced Hydrogen Investment Package issued by the Government. This means that hydrogen will be a real alternative to natural gas.”

“The level of engagement we have had has increased since we could tell them how it would be greener and more cost effective for them.”

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