Norway takes first steps towards commercial nuclear power

Norway is to take its first steps towards nuclear power supplying the national grid via a new partnership with Finland’s TVO Nuclear Services (TVONS).

The partnership aims to develop small modular reactors (SMRs) in the country.

According to the The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) , there are no nuclear reactors for generating electricity in Norway, but there have been four operational research reactors in Norway, one at Halden (HBWR) and three at Kjeller (JEEP I, N0RA and JEEP II).

These were operational during various periods of time between 1951 and 2019.

HBWR and JEEP II were closed in 2018 and 2019 and are now set to be decommissioned.

Now, Norway’s utility specialist Norsk Kjernekraft and are to work together on the deployment of

TVONS is a consulting company wholly owned by Finnish utility Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO).

Nork Kjernekraft said it aims to identify suitable areas for SMRs in the Norwegian municipalities of Aure, Heim, Narvik and Vardø.

“When we develop nuclear power in Norway, we will take lessons from the time when Norway developed its now extraordinary capabilities in the oil and gas sector,” said Norsk Kjernekraft CEO Jonny Hesthammer. “Back then, we developed the petroleum industry in collaboration with countries and companies that had the necessary experience. The same recipe can be used to establish nuclear power in Norway.”

“We in Finland have the latest nuclear power know-how from the Olkiluoto 3 project, which of course has taken longer than expected, but at the same time we have gathered a lot of valuable experience,” sadded TVONS CEO Timo Palomäki.

“We appreciate that Norsk Kjernekraft sees us as an important partner, and we want to start working together to build environmentally friendly and safe nuclear power in Norway. This will be a great example of Nordic cooperation on the development of future energy solutions.”

TVO said it has 40 years of experience of boiling water reactors, 25 years effective experience in construction and operation of a low and intermediate-level waste repository, and has “unique experience of tendering, sourcing and constructing a first-of-a-kind modern nuclear power plant”.