New Jersey licences recreational cannabis facilities

Legal marijuana sales are expected to start within weeks in New Jersey after a state commission granted several medical-marijuana companies permission to start selling cannabis to all adults.

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) approved seven medical marijuana facilities to begin selling cannabis on the recreational market.

Residents in the State voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2020.

In 2021, Governor Phil Murphy signed in to law three bills  that allowed for the setup of a recreational cannabis industry, legalised cannabis use, and decriminalised possession.

The laws also outline where you can smoke cannabis, where you can grow it, and how it affects policing, among other policies.

As an adult you can buy dried flower, concentrated oils, chewable forms of cannabis (pills, tablets, capsules), and drops or syrups (tinctures, topical, transdermal, and sublingual).

Edible cannabis products are not available yet.

Medical dispensaries need to be approved by New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission. Medical patients are the priority. Medical marijuana dispensaries also have to prove that they have an adequate supply of products to serve medical patients first, and enough left over to sell for adult personal use.

The CRC did not, however,  announce a date for regulated recreational sales to begin. Instead, CRC executive director Jeff Brown said that retail licenses could be issued within a month, after approved alternative treatment centres pay fees and undergo compliance assessments.

Among the alternative treatment centres approved are CureLeaf, Acreage CCF New Jersey, Verano, Columbia Care, Ascend New Jersey, TerraAscend and GTI New Jersey.

It comes more than a month after the state missed its 22 February deadline for alternative treatment centres to begin selling recreational cannabis to adults over the age of 21.

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