Net zero warehouse will further Maersk’s green ambitions

Shipping giant Maersk (Maersk) has announced the construction of the company’s first low GHG emissions contract logistics warehouse in Denmark, which is described as putting the country at the forefront of the world’s climate fight.

The new warehouse is to be developed partnership with Taulov Dry Port, which is a Danish joint venture between ADP A/S and PFA Pension. The warehouse is part of Maersk’s strategy to “accelerate the delivery of fulfilment capability in Denmark”.

“We are pleased to announce our first green contract logistics warehouse in Denmark. Many of our customers are looking for long-term partners that have such capabilities to reduce their entire climate footprint. The Taulov facility also has a strategic position in Europe and will be a key asset to serve our customers as a deconsolidation point and add value by optimizing transport modes with its port, rail and road links creating flexibility in flows by accelerating or slowing down supply chains,” said Birna Odefors, area managing director, Nordics, A.P. Moller – Maersk.

The green contract logistics warehouse is aiming to be built with zero direct emissions from operations in accordance with Maersk´s overall goal to decarbonise its entire operations by 2040. The 40,000 sqm facility has an option for an additional 40,000 sqm and is scheduled to become operational in 2024.

“This important partnership once again proves that Denmark is at the forefront of green transition and that climate and logistics can go hand in hand. As Denmark’s largest property investor, PFA has set an ambitious goal of cutting 33 per cent of the emissions from our Danish portfolio by 2025, and Maersk will now become a decisive part of this in order to generate long-term and sustainable returns for our 1.4 million Danish pension customers,” said Michael Bruhn, executive director at PFA.

Maersk’s emissions targets state that at least 90% of its global cold chain and contract logistics operations will be certified as green by 2030.

“We are proud to be part of Maersk´s sustainable value chain supporting their customers with visionary sustainable logistics solutions. Taulov Dry Port is a European multimodal logistic hub and key player in the green transition of the logistic sector due to the sustainable infrastructure with the Port of Fredericia, the motorway and railway network. Soon the area will also be ready for the transition towards new green fuels such as hydrogen, which will be an important asset for Maersk as well as our other customers,” added Rune D. Rasmussen, CEO, ADP A/S.

All indoor and outdoor equipment in the warehouse will be electrified, solar panels will be installed on the entire roof of the warehouse and excess renewable energy produced will be fed to the grid. Battery driven trucks will be used for all of the shunting operations and hydrogen stations are planned within 150 metres from site.