Modena region plans green hydrogen hub

Italian firms Hera and Snam have been awarded some EUR20 million by the Regional Council of Emilia Romagna to develop a green hydrogen production hub in the Italian municipality of Modena.

The EUR19.5 million award ($21.3 million) will be awarded through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). The funding will aid the development of a 6MW solar farm, connected to an electrolyser to produce up to 400 tonnes to hydrogen per year.

Dubbed IdrogeMo, the project is set to be built on an exhausted landfill site in via Caruso in Modena, the total project is expected to amount to EUR20.8 million ($22.68 million).

Hydrogen produced from the project is planned to serve local public transport companies with fuel vehicles, as well as industrial sectors for decarbonisation.

Hera will act as the lead company in the project, with its subsidiary Herambietne set to oversee the building of the solar farm, while Snam will deal with the building of the hydrogen production plant.

“This first yet important step in the development of the green hydrogen value chain sees our Group laying the foundations to become a major player in the sector,” said Orazio Iacono, CEO of Hera Group. “This project shows Hera’s commitment in building partnerships with companies and communities in their path towards the energy transition thereby creating a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and the local areas.”

Stefano Venier, CEO of Snam, added: ”For Snam, IdrogeMO is the first Hydrogen Valley project dedicated to industrial applications and the transport of hydrogen, which is one of the EU’s main energy transition goals. This initiative to which we will contribute with managing the hydrogen production facilities, enjoys the support of Emilia Romagna, one of the country’s key regions in industrial terms, together with a local partner like Hera.”