Mercedes-Benz looks to build German wind farm

Mercedes-Benz is planning to build a wind farm in the north-western German state of Lower Saxony.

It is hoped that by 2025 the wind farm will be able to produce a hundred megawatts of electricity, equivalent to over 15% of the carmaker’s annual demand in Germany, the company said.

Mercedes will invest a three-digit million figure in a power purchase agreement with an as-yet-unnamed partner to buy the electricity generated by the turbines.

It is also examining together with local authorities whether it could put solar panels onto the remaining space in the 800-hectare piece of land in Papenburg, a test track owned by the carmaker.

The news follows the announcement last week that Germany is planning another set of changes to its energy legislation, including an additional 1.5-GW solar tender, in a push to increase green power production and cut gas consumption in the short term.

The third amendment to the Energy Security Act (EnSiG) and changes to other energy regulations should enable additional feed-in of photovoltaics, remove restrictions, provide more incentives for power production from biogas and accelerate grid expansion, the Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate Action said.

To spur the deployment of solar energy, the federal government plans to auction an additional 1.5 GW of photovoltaic capacity as part of a so-called “special crisis tender” which is scheduled to take place on 15 January 2023. 

Under the specific terms of the tender, the projects competing in the round must not exceed 100 MW and the solar plants must be connected to the grid within nine months so that they will be operational for the 2023/24 winter season.