Lhyfe to develop 70MW green hydrogen plant in Germany

France’s Lhyfe has unveiled plans for the development of a 70MW green hydrogen plant in Perl, Saarland, Germany.

Construction is scheduled to begin in H1 2027 and the plant is expected to deliver up to 30 tons of green hydrogen per day into the pipeline of the mosaHYc hydrogen island network.

Electrolysis technologies with smart software will be installed in the plant for optimisation of the feed-in of electricity from renewable sources.

Existing pipelines around Völkingen (Germany), Carling (France), Bouzonville (France) and Perl (Germany) are being examined for their suitability as hydrogen pipelines.

There are also plans for the construction of new pipelines from Bouzonville in the direction of Dillingen.

Implementation of the project is subject to the granting of operating authorisations, construction permits and financial investment decisions

Perl’s mayor, Ralf Uhlenbruch, said: “The Saarland has officially been part of the HyExpert hydrogen model region since August 2020. The planned Lhyfe plant is a significant milestone in the expansion of the regional hydrogen economy.”

“This project is a prime example of the industrial transformation initiated by the EU to supply established industries with green hydrogen, emission-free and across borders. Moreover, it lays the foundation for a new economic sector, new jobs and further important investments in the border triangle.”