King praises Anglo-German leadership in transition to carbon free future

His Majesty King Charles III has called on Germany to continue to develop its strong links with the UK and drive Europe’s movement towards a net zero future.

His majesty delivered his call as he addressed the German Bundestag on his first official visits to Germany since become the UK’s monarch.

He said the two counties should build on the centuries of cooperation to continue to lead Europe and the world in the move to a sustainable future.

“Faced with so many shared challenges, the United Kingdom and Germany are together providing leadership to secure our shared future,” he said. “Today, the United Kingdom and Germany are Europe’s two largest producers of power from offshore wind. Many German firms are involved in the production and erection of turbines off the British coast.

“The North Sea, across which our people have travelled and traded for generations, is soon to be the site of a new interconnector allowing us directly to trade electricity.”

He continued: “Our countries are both accelerating the expansion of our hydrogen economies, the fuel which could transform our future and I am looking forward to seeing Hamburg’s plans to use hydrogen in its efforts to become a fully sustainable port.

“These innovations are vital in combatting the existential challenge of climate change and global warming which confronts us all, and as such I was delighted to meet participants of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue yesterday to hear how countries are accelerating this transition.”

His Majesty added: “For a long time, British and German scientific research has been leading the way. Our countries rank in the top two in Europe for founding successful new technology start-ups. Our universities and research institutions collaborate more often with each other than any other two countries in Europe.

“This helps to explain why a Berlin-based company has pioneered in London the use of lampposts for electric vehicle charging points, while in Berlin you can book a ride in a fully electric, London-style taxi.

“Internationally, too, we are working closely together. We helped initiate the Just Energy Transition Partnership with South Africa at the climate conference in Glasgow. A further such partnership with Indonesia was the result of much work during Germany’s G7 Presidency.”

His speech also turned to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the threat it posed to the continent.

“Since I last spoke in this building the scourge of war is back in Europe,” His majesty said. “The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has inflicted the most unimaginable suffering on so many innocent people. Countless lives have been destroyed; freedom and human dignity have been trampled in the most brutal way. The security of Europe has been threatened, together with our democratic values.

“The world has watched in horror – but we have not stood by. Even as we abhor the appalling scenes of destruction, we can take heart from our unity – in defence of Ukraine, of peace and freedom.

“Germany and the United Kingdom have shown vital leadership. As Europe’s two largest donors to Ukraine, we have responded with taking decisions which might previously have seemed unimaginable. Germany’s decision to send such significant military support to Ukraine is remarkably courageous, important and appreciated.”