Insurtech Investment Slumps Amid Fears Over Future Innovation

The total value of Insurtech deals this year as fallen 80%, with the Lloyd’s Lab the only light in an otherwise dark period for the sector.

Analytics firms GlobalData said the issue was one that could affect the whole industry as Insurtech investment was seen as a key indicator I the market’s health at a time when technology was becoming ever more important for operations.

Ben Carey-Evans, Insurance Analyst at GlobalData, said: “The dramatic fall of global insurtech deals in 2020 is a shock after it grew by over 100% in both 2019 and 2018. The 2020 figure is just up to July, so the scale of decline will be reduced by the end of the year, however, GlobalData still expects 2020 to show a substantial reduction on 2019.”

The firm added the Lloyds’s Lab insurtech cohort both continuing and actively focusing on pandemic solutions is undoubtedly a positive for the insurance industry. They said the Lloyd’s Lab “is essential in an environment where start-up and deals are significantly down so far in 2020 – with the total value of global insurtech deals having fallen by 80%. Start-ups could be essential in providing the innovation to help recovery.”

The fact Lloyd’s were able to select the ten successful companies from 140 applicants highlighted that new ideas and innovation is still present in the insurance market, despite trying conditions.

Mr Carey-Evans added: “All ten start-ups are looking to offer digital solutions and data analytics, as opposed to being consumer facing. While insurers may not be looking to invest large sums at present due to pressure on profitability, successful insurtechs like these could help increase process efficiency and gain better insights from the wealth of customer data they hold.

“Insurtechs merging with incumbents, as opposed to challenging them, is a long-running theme in insurance, and it seems this is set to continue. Start-ups would struggle immensely to underwrite premiums, especially in the current climate, but their digital and analytics expertise could be priceless to larger companies.”

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