Globe needs to unite in climate fight -Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said the global fight against climate change cannot be derailed by the world’s battle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum’s virtual event, The Davos Agenda, President Xi called for both greater global efforts in the fight against an unprecedented public health crisis and a renewed commitment to multilateral cooperation.

“There is only one Earth and one shared future for humanity,” he said.  “As we cope with the current crisis and endeavour to make a better day for everyone, we need to stand united and work together.  We have been shown time and again that to beggar thy neighbour, to go it alone, and to slip into arrogant isolation will always fail.  Let us all     join hands and let multilateralism light our way toward a community with a shared future for mankind.”

“The pandemic is far from over and the recent resurgence in COVID cases reminds us that we must carry on the fight,” President Xi said. “There is no doubt that humanity will prevail over the virus and emerge even stronger from this disaster.”

He added: “Containing the coronavirus is the most pressing task for the international community. This is because people and their lives must always be put before anything else. It is also what it takes to stabilize and revive the economy.

“Closer solidarity and cooperation, more information sharing, and a stronger global response are what we need to defeat COVID-19 across the world.  It is especially important to scale up cooperation on the R&D, production and distribution of vaccines and make them public goods that are truly accessible and affordable to people in all countries.  By now, China has provided assistance to over 150 countries and 13 international organizations, sent 36 medical expert teams to countries in need, and stayed strongly supportive and actively engaged in international cooperation on COVID vaccines.  China will continue to share its experience with other countries, do its best to assist countries and regions that are less prepared for the pandemic, and work for   greater   accessibility   and   affordability   of   COVID   vaccines   in developing countries.  We hope these efforts will contribute to an early and complete victory over the coronavirus throughout the world.”

However, President Xi warned the world could not ignore the threat of climate change and the need to create a sustainable a future.

“We need to deliver on the Paris Agreement on climate change and promote green development,” he said. “We need to give continued priority to development, implement the Sustainable Development Goals, and make sure that all countries, especially developing ones, share in the fruits of global development.”

President Xi reiterated China’s commitment to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promoting a green, low-carbon way of life and production, and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060.

“The earth is our one and only home. To scale up efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development, bears on the future of humanity.”

As such he added China will fully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  It will do more on the ecological front, by transforming and improving its industrial structure and energy mix at a faster pace and promoting a green, low-carbon way of life and production.

“We   believe that when the interests of the entire humanity are at stake, China must step forward, take action, and get the job done,” he added. “China is drawing up action plans and taking specific measures already to make sure we meet the set targets. We are doing this as a concrete action to uphold multilateralism and as a contribution to protecting our shared home and realising sustainable development of humanity.”

“In the era of economic globalization, public health emergencies like COVID-19 may very well recur, and global public health governance needs to be enhanced,” he warned.  “The Earth is our one and only home.  To scale up efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development bears on the future of humanity.  No global problem can be solved by any one country alone. There must be global action, global response and global cooperation.”