Germany and Norway cement green partnership

Germany and Norway have agreed to a green partnership which is expected, amongst other initiatives, to see the establishment of one of Europe’s first hydrogen pipelines.

German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck began 2023 with a visit to Oslo, and Norway and Germany agreed to establish a “Strategic Partnership on Climate Renewable Energy and Green Industry”, explained Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre “aiming to create new green industries and jobs”.

The partnership would be embedded through efforts to forge an intra-EU alliance and “encompass closer cooperation on hydrogen, offshore wind, batteries, carbon capture and storage, green shipping, microelectronics and raw materials”.

“Norway is our most important energy supplier today and should remain so on the way to a climate-neutral future,” explained Habeck.

“Today we get most of our natural gas from Norway, in the future we want to increasingly import offshore wind energy and hydrogen,” the German Vice-Chancellor stressed.

Initially, this would be in the form of hydrogen produced using natural gas, where the emissions are sequestered and stored, he added (so-called ‘blue’ hydrogen). If renewable electricity is used instead, it is emissions-free and considered green.

“To achieve this, we now need to work together to build a European grid and hydrogen infrastructure and boost production,” the German minister noted.