French firm claims green hydrogen first

French hydrogen specialist Lhyfe claims that its offshore hydrogen production pilot project has produced its first kilogrammes of renewable hydrogen.

The Sealhyfe platform was towed 20km into the Atlantic and connected to the SEM-REV offshore testing site near Central Nantes, France, and as of 20 June has been producing hydrogen. 

Lhyfe and its partners designed, built and assembled the technology necessary for producing hydrogen offshore, including the 1 MW electrolyser supplied by Plug. The  Sealhyfe platform, which is less than 200 sq. metres in area, is capable of producing up to 400 kilograms of hydrogen a day.

From September 2022 to May 2023, Sealhyfe was moored at the Quai des Frégates, in the Port of Saint-Nazaire. Hundreds of tests were carried out at quay recording the precise behaviour and performance of the platform, so that they can be compared with the Phase 2 trial results via the thousands of sensors installed on the platform.

Lhyfe added that the technology has been adapted to operate offshore in extreme conditions and designed to minimise the number of maintenance interventions required at sea.

“Our team – supported brilliantly by our partners – has achieved a genuine feat of technology in successfully designing this first floating green hydrogen production site,” said Matthieu Guesné, founder and CEO of Lhyfe. “We are extremely proud to be the first in the world to produce hydrogen at sea.”

“We are continuing to build on the success we have had so far, firstly to prove to the world that transition is possible today, and of course to accelerate it,” he added.

The latest development comes as the French company looks to boast 200MW of green hydrogen production capacity by the end of 2026 and 3GW by 2030.

Earlier this month (June 2023), Lhyfe announced a collaboration with Capital Energy on the joint development of offshore renewable hydrogen projects in Spain and Portugal.