French broker Bessé forms partnership with Axa Climate

Axa Climate has signed an agreement to work with Nantes-based broker Bessé on the development of innovative parametric insurance solutions for the agricultural sector.

Axa Climate and Bessé will pool their expertise and R&D resources to support customers and prospects.

François Lanavère, head of Strategic Partnerships at Axa Climate, commented: “Together, we are reinventing insurance to support players engaged in an unprecedented environmental transition, in the face of increasingly destructive climate perils.”

“Satellite imagery opens up fantastic avenues for new products, adapted to very specific territories and perils,” he added.

According to the broker, traditional agricultural insurance, based mainly on material damage, is currently struggling to fully meet the coverage needs of the sector.

In order to respond to this problem, the intermediary has been working on parametric insurance solutions for some time, including the use of innovative satellite data.

According to Bessé, climate change exposes the agricultural world to increasingly high volatility. Traditional insurance can often fail to meet the needs of the agricultural sector, it added.

As a reminder, it said, only a third of operators are insured via a climate multi-risk contract, leaving a number of production sectors totally exposed to climate hazards.

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