Carrefour plans massive EV rollout by 2025

French retail giant Carrefour aims to install over 700 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations and 5,000 charging points at its French hypermarkets and Carrefour Market supermarkets by 2025.

Carrefour is joining a host of retailers worldwide which are banking on the extra service to woo shoppers and also boost their green credentials.

The first charging station will be accessible to customers on the carpark of the La Chapelle Saint-Luc hypermarket in the picturesque Troyes, north-eastern France, from 8 April, the statement said.

Europe currently has 374,000 public chargers, two thirds of which are concentrated in just five countries – the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom – while some European countries do not have a single charger per 100 km (62 miles) of road, and this polarisation between economies risks destabilising electrification, according to a recent report by EY and trade body Eurelectric.

To keep up with demand, Europe needs half a million public chargers annually through to 2030 and one million a year after that, EY global energy and resources leader Serge Colle told Reuters.

Indeed, the report noted, governments and utilities need to carry out ambitious plans if Europe is to be ready for 130 million EVs by 2035.

According to the “Power sector accelerating e-mobility” report from the professional services group and Europe’s utilities trade body, Europe will need 65 million EV chargers – 9 million public and 56 million residential – to handle the huge growth anticipated in EVs from the 3.3 million on Europe’s roads today.

Rising EV sales will push up European electricity demand 11% annually, the report says.

To mitigate the risk to local grids, the report recommends supporting smart charging solutions – such as offering tariffs to EV owners to charge during off-peak overnight houses – which could lower spikes in peak power demand by 21%.

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