Campaigners hit Lloyd’s CEOs in calendar jam

Hundreds of campaigners against Lloyd’s syndicates’ support for a controversial Australian mining project have launched a cyber campaign targeting the underwriters’ CEOs.

At 8.15am this morning campaigners against the Adani mining project have undertaken a “calendar jam” in which they have bombarded the CEOs with calendar invites to meetings with tags such as “remind my staff to say we have banned Adani” and “I need to stop supporting Adani”.

The calendar invitations are all scheduled for the whole of next week and each will need to be individually declined by the CEO or a member of their staff.

Campaigners have been provided with a list of the email addresses for all the CEOs with a Lloyd’s operation which have not come out to say they will not participate in the coverage of the Adani project.

The invitations are scheduled between 8am and 5pm London time for next week and among those on the lists are the CEOs of Arch Ark, Brit, Convex, Hamilton, and WR Berkley.

“The problem is that it seems the CEO have been so busy they have not been able to schedule time to consider the issue and take action,” said a spokesman. “This will ensure they have time in the calendars to do just that.”

The CEOs will wake up this morning with thousands of calendar invitations in their inbox with campaigners saying they will continue to send the invitations.