BP in massive Texas carbon capture joint venture

BP and industrial gas supplier Linde have launched a new venture to reduce greenhouse gas releases in Texas.

The joint project, which is  planned for launch in 2026, will see a major investment in decarbonisation.

It aims to stem atmospheric releases of greenhouse gases from the region’s industrial sector, and would be the third carbon-capture and sequestration (CCS) venture proposed for the Texas Gulf Coast.

The BP-Linde venture aims to start storing CO2 from Linde’s hydrogen gas plants and seek additional customers for a potential 15 million tonne sequestration facility.

BP will develop and permit the venture’s subterranean sites and Linde will provide gas compression technology to the venture.

Oil, gas and chemical firms are increasingly turning to CCS, or collecting and sinking greenhouse gas deep underground, to placate investor demands to clean-up operations and to offset pollution that contributes to global warming.

Exxon Mobil has also proposed an offshore facility to annually collect up to 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Talos Energy and Chevron are also in a joint venture that could buy about 250 million tonnes of CO2 per year offshore.

The project “can help decarbonize hard-to-abate industries for the greatest potential impact on emissions while protecting jobs,” said BP America president Dave Lawler.

BP said it  is evaluating other US CCS projects and has an effort currently underway in the UK.

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