BMW to produce hydrogen cars

BMW Group is to produce a limited number of BMW iX5 hydrogen cars.

Frank Weber, member of the board of management of BMW AG responsible for development, said: “Hydrogen is a versatile energy source that has a key role to play as we progress towards climate neutrality.”

 “We are certain that hydrogen is set to gain significantly in importance for individual mobility and therefore consider a mixture of battery and fuel cell electric drive systems to be a sensible approach in the long term.”

“Fuel cells don’t require any critical raw materials such as cobalt, lithium or nickel either, so by investing in this type of drive system we are also strengthening the geopolitical resilience of the BMW Group.”

“Our BMW iX5 Hydrogen test fleet will allow us to gain new and valuable insights, enabling us to present customers with an attractive product range once the hydrogen economy becomes a widespread reality.”

BMW said the iX5 Hydrogen combines all the benefits of a locally-emission free drive system with outstanding everyday usability and long-distance capabilities.

It added this makes its hydrogen fuel cell technology an attractive complementary alternative to the battery electric drive system, especially for customers for whom short refuelling stops and long ranges are a must, as well as for regions lacking in adequate charging infrastructure.

While hydrogen is widely considered to have a role in the future of zero emission road transport, it currently has a much higher profile in mainland Europe, which has a better refuelling infrastructure than the UK.