Avian flu: Denmark and Netherlands see imports suspended

Namibia has suspended imports of live poultry, birds, and poultry products from Denmark and the Netherlands following an outbreak avian influenza in the two European countries.

The suspension will affect poultry products packaged in Denmark on or after June 28 and poultry products from the Netherlands packaged on or after July 11, Namibia’s veterinary services directorate said in a statement, released on 11 August.

Consignments of affected poultry products will be sent back to their country of origin or destroyed at the importer’s cost, it said, adding cooked poultry meat products for commercial purposes may still be imported under a veterinary permit.

Europe has borne the brunt of avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, in recent years which has led to the culling of millions of birds in the past two years, affecting the supply of poultry meat and eggs.

The southern African nation consumes an estimated 2,500 tons of chicken every month, relying on imports mainly from neighbouring South Africa, to meet demand.